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As you know, a vet practice is about love and compassion for our pets. We share our home with two loving companions; Bacchus (a red nose pitbull) and Ri (a blue pitbull). Both are rescue dogs.

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Our success stories and cases showcase MDR Consulting in action. In all cases, the hospital names are removed to protect confidentiality.

Conflict Resolution Leads to Stability

Problem Statement: The hospital staff of 25 employees experienced many personality conflicts over a three year period. The conflicts ranged from sniping to open hostility between staff and doctors. In some instances, staff tensions interfered with the quality of patient care. After yet another exodus of staff members, MDR Consulting was engaged to identify the root causes and provide solutions.

Discovery: MDR Consulting used a series of discovery methods to ferret out the root causes of the conflicts. Our methods used extreme care to earn the trust and confidence of each employee. We wanted answers to feed into our discovery matrices. For example, when did the conflicts start? Were there new revenue generation pressures on staff? What were the perspectives of each team member? What type of culture did the hospital have? Were conflicts arising from mistakes in certain processes or procedures? What were the baseline conflict resolution skills of each team member? How did leadership deal with conflicts? (Engage more)

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