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As you know, a vet practice is about love and compassion for our pets. We share our home with two loving companions; Bacchus (a red nose pitbull) and Ri (a blue pitbull). Both are rescue dogs.

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MDR Consulting

Preamble: To facilitate small businesses in solving problems, with emphasis on values, teamwork, and developing best practices through effective leadership.

Who are we? How do we do what we do? Why do we exist? What do we do for our clients?

The succinct “Mission Statement” that forms the preamble of this document is just that. The preamble is based on these set of answers of how MDR will satisfy its mission of bringing Big Solutions to Small business.

MDR Consulting facilitates small business problem solving. We offer a wide range of interrelated practice areas. To solve problems, we have innovated the value proposition of the traditional consultancy. We have developed a veterinary practice leadership institute model that promotes lasting change through the act of doing. In our model, we utilize tools and methodologies to bring a high degree of consistency and repeatability to each solution. However, we constantly strife to ensure that unique business model characteristics are integrated into each solution. This is application of a learning model.

Change, we believe, is based on stating and living by core values and teamwork. We approach client engagement with utmost respect and we deeply value the collaborative method of solving problems. While we bring a high degree of systems knowledge and tools to each engagement, our primary goal is to seek to understand first through active listening. Engaging with each client as a team is core to how we do business.

Each hospital is an individual practice. In developing best practices for optimal performance, our operating philosophy is always to develop executive and general leadership potential in and for our clients. Such development shall always seek to complement our client’s skills sets. And to create leadership change, we strive to be thought and practice leaders.

  • Offering on-site consultations
  • Creative and individualized training solutions
  • Cost-effective services


Eliminate the tradeoff between clinic time  and executive function.
Big Solutions For Small Business