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Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz

Are you the doctor-CEO or the hospital administrator? We promise, this will be the last time that you hear us mention the word quiz. This one is just for us to understand your needs. The quiz is anonymous for you to complete and email before you pick up the phone to call us. Just where do you stand?

* Aversion to quizzes aside, MDR incorporates a wide range of technology products and tools to quantify problems before offering any solution method. This quiz is the preamble to a full business analytics toolset that you access online.



Performance assesment (Part 1) No Neutral Fair Yes
Are you happy with the clinical quality of your veterinary hospital practice?
Are you happy with the quality of your vet business operation?
Do your patients routinely follow your treatment plans?
Are you happy with year-to-year financial growth of the practice?
Are you working the same or less hard today than 5 years ago?
Your intra-hospital communication is great?
Are you happy with client retention?
Are your services appropriately priced?
Your hospital communication with clients is great?
Is your client base growing?
Are you happy with your practice management software?
Is the practice making a decent profit?
Do your clients have a favorable view of your fees?
Is your hospital always looking for new ways to get better?
Does your hospital have modern equipment?
Does your hospital have a mission statement that all the staff understand and adhere to?
Is your hospital positioned to grow in the next ten years?
Does your hospital support continuing education?
Does your hospital perform emergency care?
Are your appointment slots always fully booked?
Can you sell your hospital today if someone made you an excellent buyout offer?


Performance by the numbers (Part 2)
In what state is your hospital located?
Years in business?
Gross revenue last year (e.g., 3150000)?
Number of doctors in hospital?
Number of technicians?
Number of days per week that hospital is open?
Number of clients last year (e.g., 6000)?
How many clients have not made appointments in last 1 year?
Gross sales and marketing expense per year (e.g., 200000)?
What is the average number of clinical hours per doctor per week?
What is the Average Doctor Transaction (ADT) (e.g., 490)?
What is the Average Charge per Transaction (ACT) (e.g., 150)?
What is the Annual Average Services per Pet (AASP) (e.g., 1500)?
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