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Solution: Human Resources - Grow Human Capital

How can you make a strong human aspirational model the centerpiece of growing your human capital? Years after he hired yours truly, an old boss told me the real reason why he hired me. It wasn’t my resume. It was something to do with how I answered one question he’d asked: “Where do you see yourself in 10 years.” My prompt response was, “Possibly managing this division.” In his mind, he wanted employees who had strong leadership aspirations. His success was measured by producing a successful leader like himself. And as it is for us now, nurturing leadership aspirations is a strong component of growing human capital.

Human capital development is a critical and often overlooked function of HR in small organizations. MDR Consulting offers leadership aspiration tools as the foundation of our human capital growth system.

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  • So bring it down to earth! How do you nuture leadership qualities in your technicians? Does your hospital's success at staff retention close the "career advancement" opportunities; after all, your small business probably has one formal role for supervisor-technician that is already filled. How does a veterinary practice continue to present tangible leadership growth opportunities for all staff members?
  • How does your veterinary practice replace a culture that focuses on individual reviews with a process that revolves around continuous team performance measurement, feedback and improvement?
  • How do you shift your hospital from "task management" to "skill set development?" The latter develops the employee and is a stronger component human capital growth.
  • If employees don’t care to better themselves, they should not be working for you. But how does the organization make it possible for a caretaker to aspire to other leadership roles? In growing human capital, the organization needs a strategic process that grows all its employees. This process is part of the execution of the strategic business plan of the hospital.
  • As a strategic imperative, how does your hospital use technology, out-sourced competencies, and other vechicles to eliminate low-satisfaction work?
  • Can your hospital use equity-incentive models; say, alongside profit-sharing? This is a powerful tool that has created world-shifting innovation in Silicon Valley. It can also work for hospitals!
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