Big Solutions For Small Business
To assist small companies with organizational development, conflict resolution, strategic planning, leadership and management training. To improve communication within the organization.

To assist small companies with organizational development, strategic planning, leadership and management training. To improve communication within the organization.

So how does your veterinary practice work? In many cases, the answer provided by most small veterinary practice owners and administrators harkens back to the same answer provided some fifty or 100 years ago. In a nutshell:

  • Doctors who do exams, diagnostics and surgeries;
  • Technicians who load the examination rooms and assist the doctors;
  • Receptionists who book appoints and answer telephones, and;
  • Caretakers who feed, groom and assist with basic animal care functions.
  • (Hospital administrator) if the hospital is so fortunate to have one.
  • Services and specialty areas.
  • Ancillary services; e.g., boarding.

In a sense, this is a organizational model (or business model) that is frozen in time. Form follows function. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with it—except that it does not position the hospital for success in the modern competitive space. Today, the high-functioning vet practice demands more from all its skill sets and services to improve the value proposition of the whole organization. Below is a short list of practice areas and solutions provided by MDR Consulting.


Organizational development What is the structure of the organization? How does it fulfill its mission as a team? How do you structure the org. to better fulfill its mission? Is the team configured with the right skill sets to accomplish its mission? How lean is your business process?
Strategic Planning How does the hospital develop a strategic plan that provides value over multiple years? What are the components of a good strategic plan? What/where are the external strategic imperatives that are shaping the veterinary world’s future? How do you plan for these?
Leadership and management Training Leadership development is a continuous process. How do you lead your hospital to achieve sustained growth year over year? How do you enhance the value proposition continuously? How do you retain and develop talent? How do you create a winning business model?
Improve Communications Improving communications is a strategic imperative in a high-functioning organizations. When we recognize that poor communications account for between 0.5 and 2% of lost revenue (literally thousands of dollars), we begin to recognize why it is so important. How do the hospital components “talk” to each other? Sometimes, the issues are simple human verbal communication. But there is more to this. How do you use technology to improve communication—do you use project management tools and do you track tasks electronically? How do you integrate instant conflict-resolution methods? How well does the communication system work? Are your staff ordering duplicate medications and services? Do you have modern effective inventory control?
Big Solutions For Small Business