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What is the exit strategy?

If you build the business like you want to sell it tomorrow,
it forces you to fix what's broken today.

Mission Statement

To facilitate small businesses in solving problems, with emphasis on values, teamwork, and developing best practices through effective leadership...

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MDR Consulting
  • You already run a successful veterinary practice.
  • You are visiting this site because you want to improve your revenue, improve patient/client satisfaction, eliminate your staff attrition rate.
  • Your Doctor-CEO (or DVM-CEO) is stressed out because they have to deal with every last thing in the hospital.
  • Your practice does great medicine, but your internal communication and conflict resolution skills needs work.
  • Your business uses consultants from time to time but you do not get great satisfaction.
  • You need more hours on the clock to do all the things you need to do to grow and keep staff happy. (Take the Quiz)

In general, most veterinary practice managers can generate a list of needs very quickly. What then? How does the hospital generate and execute strategic priorities for successful outcomes? MDR Consulting offers clients a system to accurately create solutions that are in line with the hospital’s mission, leadership values and business model. But before you begin to “solve” hospital problems, stop! Do you have a mission statement that is understood and practiced by all staff members? Here’s a simple illustration of the MDR executive priorities system.

About your needs

Big Solutions For Small Business