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What is the exit strategy?

If you build the business like you want to sell it tomorrow,
it forces you to fix what's broken today.

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As you know, a vet practice is about love and compassion for our pets. We share our home with two loving companions; Bacchus (a red nose pitbull) and Ri (a blue pitbull). Both are rescue dogs.

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To facilitate small businesses in solving problems, with emphasis on values, teamwork, and developing best practices through effective leadership...

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Being a good factotum is essential to the Doctor-CEO reality. How do you pull it off successfully? Sure, time management is key – striking a balance between clinical practice and administrative. Delegation vs. Relegation; do you simply relegate less-satisfying tasks to staff and consultants? You "delegate," but the job ends up costing you more and more because the perceived quality of advice given by various contractors is not good enough. So you feel that you should do it all yourself. But again, this is not a winning proposition because you don't have enough time to focus! Where is the problem? This is why you need MDR Consulting to help you create integrated solutions that will grow your veterinary practice.

The complexities associated with running a modern and successful veterinary practice may never go away. However, we have to evolve our leadership strategies to create winning organizations. Perhaps the perceived short-comings of individual-contractor deliverables has more to do with a lack of project management and execution skill sets in your hospital. So how do you solve this in-house or does it make sense to delegate this funcion to a holistic management outside team? How do you leverage systems and network efficiencies to improve your organizational performance?

  • So what do you do? You can’t possibly personally watch over every consultant and service provider. Even if you have the desire to, your staff may not have the training or competence to oversee many hospital –related service contractors.
  • Avoid the problems associated with individual contractors performing their function brilliantly, but creating problems for other systems.
  • How do you remake your veterinary practice into a startup culture?
  • How do you transform your hospital practice business model. In a multi-doctor practice, there are many opportunities to create flat cross-functional leadership teams. This is very different from the way doctors typically work. But it can propel the organization into a higher-functioning practice.
  • Build a legal and contractual framework with warranties, service level agreements, et cetera.
  • Create meaningful support systems. Service agreements for IT, x-ray, tool calibration, oxygen, other critical equipment.
  • Maintain change record requirements for hospital staff and contractors. Use technology to help create institutional memory.
  • Perform a strategic review of the impact of each critical system for planning and budgeting. If IT goes down, what is your revenue loss? $2,000 per day?
  • Develop audit systems as part of your mission to monitor and improve quality. Small businesses are great are creating one-time solutions, but there is significant drift between reviews and audits. So over time, a great system becomes dysfunctional simply because it is not maintained.
Big Solutions For Small Business