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A Message From Our Founder & CEO

A Message From Our Founder & CEO

MDR Consulting
What is the exit strategy?

If you build the business like you want to sell it tomorrow,
it forces you to fix what's broken today.

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As you know, a vet practice is about love and compassion for our pets. We share our home with two loving companions; Bacchus (a red nose pitbull) and Ri (a blue pitbull). Both are rescue dogs.

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To facilitate small businesses in solving problems, with emphasis on values, teamwork, and developing best practices through effective leadership...

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MDR Consulting

A Personal Statement: My name is Michelle Russillo and I am the founder and principal consultantant at MDR Consulting. I founded this company in 2009 to bring 25 years of business leadership expertise and innovation to the veterinary practice world. Why? Because, in visits with hundreds of veterinary practice leaders, such business innovation is lacking in this important healthcare segment. As we show in some of our case studies, MDR Consulting is helping veterinary practices create sustained positive changes in revenue, business model, customer service and many areas of high-functioning executive leadership.

The certain je ne se quoi that makes small business consultants highly effective is very much a personal trait. How is it that we can dive to the heart of an organization problem that befuddles the stake-holders may be regarded as a combination of gift, experience, broad perspective and the simple fact that we have a fresh outsider’s perspective. But we’ve taken it a step further. We have created a holistic set of systems to systematize and deliver these solutions for small businesses.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the majority (over 60%) of veterinary hospitals are classified as small businesses; i.e., they have 1 to 4 doctors and annual revenues under $4 million. In our experience, we have observed that many small businesses suffer the same organizational challenges that limit growth, limit performance and increase costs. What are some of these challenges?

  • Lack of strategic plan to guide the company.
  • No exit strategy.
  • No improvement in the business model since the founding of the business.
  • Many great business initiatives, but no mechanism to see them through.
  • Inconsistent executive and management leadership.
  • Knee-jerk leadership styles.
  • A strong desire by the Doctor-CEO to practice medicine at the expense of executive functions.
  • High staff turnover among doctors, technicians and/or aides.

mdr consultingLet’s be clear. There are many solutions and systems, widely deployed in corporate America, that produce excellent results. These “Big Solutions,” typically found in Fortune 500 corporations, are much-needed by small businesses, but the methods of execution are very different for small business—this focus on execution is central to the value proposition of MDR Consulting.

mdr consultingFor example, the doctor-CEO typically found in many small hospital practices must often choose to trade-off clinic time (hence revenue) in order to tend to organizational strategy and problems. In fact, there is a critical shortage of expertise to successfully target “Big solutions for small businesses” to eliminate these fundamental tradeoffs.

mdr consultingOur company builds on multi-decades experience, to apply a business system that successfully implements “Big Solutions for small businesses.” These solutions help companies solve organizational problems and grow profitably. These solutions provide templates for clear multi-year strategic planning and execution. We work within each hospital practice to focus leaders on strategic planning with measurable metrics and timelines. We further translate strategic planning into tangible work products to facilitate buy-in by the entire organization. For example, it is not enough to make a strategic plan to “improve customer service.”

mdr consultingThe organization must define how customer service fits into its business model, define a strategic plan, perform the required SWOT analyses at different time-points, take action to consistently train staff, model the solution and its constraints, and then continuously monitor the process. In this regard, customer service is converted into a measurable process that is measured against key metrics; e.g., reduced number of complaints per week, reduced wait time for clients on hold, reduced number of hospital forms to complete at check-in, adding self-service options to avoid duplication of effort, et cetera.

We invite you to engage fully with the content and tools on this web site. And please call us for a FREE consult.

Eliminate the tradeoff between clinic time  and executive function.
Big Solutions For Small Business