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About Our Dogs

As you know, a vet practice is about love and compassion for our pets. We share our home with two loving companions; Bacchus (a red nose pitbull) and Ri (a blue pitbull). Both are rescue dogs. Yes, you guessed it. We are passionate lovers of "bullees." Bullees make great loyal pets. Unfortunately, these breeds are given a bad reputation. If owned by responsible owners, these dogs are loyal, loving and very affectionate. These breeds require obedience training as do all dogs.

Tula- She is a 2-year-old mixed terrier breed. She is a WAGS rescue pet. She was found roaming the streets of Westminster, CA. Tula was supposed to be a dog we were fostering but her under bite and scruffy look warmed our hearts, so we kept her.   She quickly adapted to living in a home with two pit bulls and two cats. She loves to travel in cars and planes. She is truly a companion dog.

Piccolo, also was a foster-dog. He is a 6 month old Chihuahua- Dachshund (Cha-weenie).  Again we were unable to give him up because he quickly bonded with Bacchus, the red-nose pit-bull. Piccolo loves Bacchus, we have nick-named Bacchus –Papa. Piccolo sleeps with Bacchus whenever he can. Piccolo also suffers from Dystrophic in his front legs and has required surgery on his front legs. He has heeled well and currently is doing well.

About our dogs

We miss you so much Willow!..

In Memoriam – Willow (2001 – 2011)

Willow came into my life in November 2001. She and her sister, Piper, were part of a litter of six Lemon Beagles. I simply couldn’t resist these two puppies. They were the best Christmas gifts – ever! On their first night at home, Moose, my mischievous cat, got too close and clawed Willow’s ear causing it to bleed. Thankfully, she didn’t need medical attention – just close supervision; so I slept on the floor with the puppies to “protect” them from Moose.
In Memoriam – Willow (2001 – 2011)By and by, Piper decided that she preferred to be the only dog in the family. She moved to a dear friend’s home and is spoiled rotten with toys, love and fancy shirts. Willow and I got even closer and she became my best friend in so many ways. I particularly loved our time together every morning and night. After several visits to the sunshine state, she and I decided the beach life was most suitable for us and so we moved to California in 2009.
For the first time in her life, she was off-leash and free to run on the beach. She would howl like crazy for the squirrels and perch on the brick wall in the backyard to alert us of passerby. She loved being close to me, wherever we went. In her bed, next to mine, she always snuggled as close as possible ... as if to keep the distance between us very small.
WillowWillow passed away on March 13, 2011. That night, we all slept on the floor in her memory, just as we had done the night the two puppies came home in December 2001.
Willow, you were my princess and I miss you so much. By example, you taught so much about love and how to cherish the moments we have with loved ones, for these moments are truly fleeting. Perhaps you also said, “Don’t let anyone ever smoke near your loved ones, the damage is irreversible.”
May you rest in perfect peace.

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