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A Small Business Marketing Secret – Blog, Blog Blog!!!

By Michelle Russillo, SCORE OC Counselor

Today when people are exposed to over 4,000 ads per day, a small business owner needs to utilize several marketing tools to stand out from the competition. Blogging could be one of the most effective tools, providing your business with theWOW factor. A blog is an indispensable marketing opportunity because it’s an easy way to reach your customers, build relationships and educate people.

Blogging connects with your customers in a real-time, accessible way.A blog also connects your business to social media, particularly the big three: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Embed social media icons into your blog page andencourage your visitors, customers and potential customers to share your content. This helps create a larger network, which is a key reason to be blogging.

A blog won't magically drive business, but search engines love a blog and search engines do drive people to your business. Search engines are always looking for new material, and a frequently changing blog can help you rise higher in the search results ranks. Plus, blogging gives you a personal connection to your customers and website visitors. The blog gives them information about you and your business when it is convenient for them.

Key components of a blog include being passionate about what you’re writing about. Since blogging requires many keystrokes many times a week, being interested in what you are writing about will make the information more interesting and more vital to the reader.Writing about what you like also helps blogging to happen more naturally. Be credible and gain readers’ trustby providing enough information within the blog to keep your readers coming back for more. Also, make the content interesting and gratifying to read. The headlines should grab the audience’s attention and use popular keywords so the blogs come up in search results when someone is searching. Check Google Adwords for the most searched-on words.Be creative and have fun, and your readers will get excited about each blog post.

  • Use a blogging site that comes with a template. This will help ensure your blog looks professional.
  • Encourage readers to give feedback. This will give you information about your readership and customers.
  • Remember blogging is an opportunity to be global.
  • Link your website(s)to your blog; this is a key component to make the blog work well.

In today’s Internet-driven business community, blogging is one of the single most important ways to market your business. It is low cost, educational for you and your customer, and gets results quickly. So make the commitmenttoday and start to blog, blog, blog.

Michelle Russillo is a SCORE OC Counselor and the CEO of MDR Consulting, LLC, a veterinary practices consulting company.

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